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Welcome to our packaging information web site. Sunrise Packaging Films, of OFFE Enterprises, specializes in cast co-extruded multi-layer rigid and flexible packaging material for vacuum packaging, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), gas flush, pasteurization retort and microwave applications. We supply the latest in packaging materials to meet the toughest packaging requirements, such as high oxygen barrier, high moisture barrier, ultra violet light inhibitors, flavors and aroma protection. Mechanical performance includes linear tear and a variety of peel sealants for e-z open features. Rigid Cast multi-layer cast co-extruded films for thermoforming packaging materials include APET/PE/EVOH/P METALLIZED APET WITH GOLD TINTING PVC/EVOH/PE POLYPROPYLENE EXPANDED POLYPROPYLENE HIGH CLARITY POLYPROPYLENE ECO HIGH BARRIER up to 80% renewable plant based content FLEXIBLE 9 LAYER CAST CO-EXTRUDED: Thickness range 65 to 400 microns, widths up to 104″ All structures can be constructed, with or without EVOH, with boilable tie layers and U.V. light inhibitors for using as a multipurpose film for high oxygen barrier, retail and cook-in applications. All flexible forming films 9 layer cast co-extrusions with barrier forming film constructed with an outside layer of PP PP/PA/EVOH/PA/PE PP/EVOH/PP for pasteurization and retort PA/EVOH/PA/PE Materials are available in thicknesses ranging from 200 to 1800 microns (8 to 70 mil). Custom structures can be manufactured to meet the most demanding needs for high oxygen barrier, microwave heating, pasteurization and retort applications. Flexible 7 layer cast The multi-layer cast extrusion chill process with instant crystallization produces films with ultra high clarity and gloss. The cast process allows for use … Continue reading

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